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January 04, 2007
Avoid the eBay Scams
One of the biggest fears people have over eBay is that of being scammed. Whether you are a buyer or a seller there is always a slight risk that all may not be what it seems. eBay tell us that only 0.01% of transactions ever have any problems but that is no compensation if you are that 0.01%. So what can you do to avoid being scammed?

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Posted by Dave Bromley at 10:57 AM

December 10, 2006
Tazbar launches TV Campaign
The new online auction site Tazbar has announced the launch of its first TV campaign. Glenn James C.E.O and Chairman has told UK Auctionline:

“In order to support the valued loyal Tazbar members, and in light of the incredible growth pattern since August 2nd. The spring 2007 planned UK TV marketing campaign has been brought forward, and starts at 10.35am Monday 13th November on all digital channels including ITV2, all prime time slots. These 700 prime time slots are sure to further enhance the popularity and credibility of this alternative on-line auction venue. A further concentrated UK TV campaign starts on Christmas Day prime time, running through to 31st December. January 2007 sees the start of a new theme TV campaign with over 1000 prime time slots booked. This is the start and just small part in the boards total commitment to our members and this incredible new venture.”

Posted by Dave Bromley at 11:35 AM

UK based is making eBay take notice
A new name is beginning to get noticed in the online auction community – Although only went live on 1st August 2006, it has already attracted thousands of users who are looking for an alternative to the more established online auction sites.

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Posted by Dave Bromley at 11:27 AM

December 08, 2006
ChannelAdvisor, the leading provider of online auction management tools, today announces its comprehensive support for eBay Ireland. Business of all sizes, from individual traders to industry leading retailers, can now fully automate and manage their online auction business on eBay Ireland – opening up a new channel to the consumer spending power of the Irish economy.


Posted by Dave Bromley at 10:12 AM

November 08, 2006
eBay on Watchdog
It was only a matter of time before someone would
start to complain about the number of designer fakes
being offered for sale on eBay.

Last night(7th November) the influential BBC program “Watchdog”
featured the issue citing examples of fake products
they had purchased on eBay. The impression the
program gave was that eBay could do much more to
solve this problem.

The fact that eBay were not prepared to put a spokesperson
onto the program to answer the points raised was also
somewhat damning. Presenter Nicky Campbell questioned
whether if this trade in counterfeit goods could tip the balance
and frighten customers away from eBay.

One thing eBay can be sure of if they do not take decisive action
the problem will not go away. I suspect we will soon be seeing
similar features in the media in the coming weeks. Not what eBay
of their sellers want in the run up to the busy Christmas season.

Posted by Dave Bromley at 10:34 AM

October 17, 2006
Looking for Christmas ideas?
With Christmas approaching fast it is definitely time
to start thinking about what you are going to sell on
eBay in the run up to the festive season . If you are
looking for ideas I have come across a web site that
you might find of interest.

Otherland Toys sells fantastic gifts including “limited editions”
or “licensed runs”. Many are highly collectible with high resell
values. Otherland Toys source worldwide from over 300 specialist
manufacturers of toy, gift and film merchandise.
Posted by Dave Bromley at 08:54 AM

October 12, 2006
Have you tried QXL yet?
As a regular eBay seller you may not have tried
the auctions on QXL, the second largest auction
site. Well there has never been a better time to
try them as they are currently promoting a 14 day
free listing offer.

There is nothing to lose and it is well worth giving QXL
a trial. For more details visit

Posted by Dave Bromley at 05:02 PM

October 10, 2006
ChannelAdvisor announces support for eBay Express
ChannelAdvisor, the leading provider of online channel management solutions (CMS), today announces the immediate support of, a new speciality site designed specifically for fixed price offers from commercial vendors. By using ChannelAdvisor’s technology, professional sellers are now able to automate large numbers of transactions on the site and quickly take advantage of this exciting new online platform.

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Posted by Dave Bromley at 02:42 PM

July 31, 2006
I have not seen this scam before
I am posting this blog to you to warn of a new scam
that I came across today. When I checked my e-mails this
morning there was one supposedly from Paypal confirming
a subscription payment for $39.

I pay for several services, web hosting and site memberships
through Paypal but this was supposedly a payment to some kind
of spyware company in Germany. There was a button below
which you needed to click on if you felt this payment was an error.
When you click on the button another very genuine Paypal type
of page appears and asks you to sign in with your e-mail address
and password.

This was when the alarm bells began to ring and I went back
to my Paypal account and checked if such a payment had in
fact been made. There was no mention of any such payment so this
was obviously another attempt to collect my Paypal password.

I know there are a lot of various spoof e-mails about and I like
To think that I am pretty sharp in spotting them but this one was so
clever it almost got under my guard. Be on the look out for anything
similar in your e-mail and if you get one forward it straight away
to [email protected]

Posted by Dave Bromley at 02:39 PM

July 26, 2006
Oltiby – A Reverrse Auction with a difference
I came across an interesting site recently, This is a unique reverse auction site. In simple terms a buyer place details of an item they want to buy and the maximum price they are prepared to pay. Would be sellers can then send details of the lowest price they are prepared to accept for that item and the seller who offers the lowest price is the winner. All that is left then is for the seller and buyer to get together to complete the auction.

The guys at Oltiby tell me that they are a global company and as most sellers accept Paypal there should be few problems with payment where ever you are in the world. I have not tried the system yet but it looks as though it could be a bit of fun and you could find yourself with a bargain or two. I would be interested to hear of your experiences if you do give it a try.

Posted by Dave Bromley at 09:14 AM

Auction Revolution Sale
Terry Gibbs sent me a note earlier saying he is running a sale on
his Auction Revolution package. I think Terry’s package is one of
the better eBay packages, and the discount makes it even better.

The Auction Revolution is designed for the beginner, but contains
a wealth of details to help any eBay seller get better results.
There is even a free quiz on the site to help you determine if
the package will help you.

I’ve put one of Terry’s articles below so you can learn more
about him. Once you’ve read the article, go take the free quiz
and see if you need the Auction Revolution.

Here’s the article:

Nine Simple eBay Selling Hints

By Terry Gibbs

Some of these eBay hints will save you money, others will result
in higher prices. Either way, these will help you run more
profitable eBay auctions.

  1. Write a simple description and do not clutter your auction
    with unneeded items like animated Gifs, and colored
    backgrounds. Remember, you are selling not entertaining.
  2. Charge a flat rate for shipping, and mention the shipping
    costs prominently within your auction description.
  3. Write a title that accurately describes your item. Use
    manufacturers name and model number within the title if
  4. Write a detailed description that allows prospective
    bidders to make a decision about purchasing the item. A
    basic tip is the description can never be too long as long
    as it is describing the item.
  5. Include large clear photographs. Invest in some lights and
    a quality camera. Your investment will pay for itself in
    higher eBay selling prices within only a few auctions.
  6. Host your own pictures. By hosting your own pictures, you
    will save money, and, more importantly, be able to use as
    many pictures as you need to adequately show eBay bidders
    your item. This is the simplest thing to do, and yet 70
    percent of eBay sellers ignore this simple tip.
  7. Optimise your images for the web. Many sellers use the
    highest resolution settings on their cameras and generate
    huge files that download very slowly. Computer monitors
    only show 72DPI, any extra detail is just a waste of the
    bidder’s time.
  8. List your item in the most appropriate category. Many
    buyer’s only search eBay by looking at listings within
    categories. If you are not in the right eBay category you
    will not be seen by lots of potential bidders and you item
    may end up selling for less than it’s worth.
  9. Systemize your eBay selling. Using a system to sell on eBay
    will lower the amount of time spent selling each item, and
    insure you don’t forget any important activities.

The Auction Revolution explains all of these hints in
greater detail.

Take the free quiz and see if the Auction Revolution will
help you at:

Terry Gibbs is a collector/dealer of old toys and trains, and
teaches others how to buy and sell antiques and collectibles.
Gibbs is the author of two best selling eBay books “The Auction
Revolution,” and “The Complete Guide To eBay Consignment Sales.”
He has also written numerous other books about buying and selling
antiques and collectibles.

Dave Bromley

PS Terry has never discounted this package before so this is a
rare opportunity. The sale goes on until August 1st. So you
want to jump on this.

Here’s the link again:

Posted by Dave Bromley at 08:17 AM

June 23, 2006

ChannelAdvisor, the leading provider of channel management solutions (CMS), today announced support for eBay Giving Works – a dedicated program for cause marketing on eBay. By supporting eBay Giving Works, ChannelAdvisor Merchant sellers will be able to donate part or all of the final sale price to their favourite non-profit organisation.


Posted by Dave Bromley at 11:08 AM

June 15, 2006
First Channel Management Solution to Fully Integrate with Philanthropy Program
London, UK – June 13, 2006 – ChannelAdvisor, the leading provider of channel management solutions (CMS), today announced support for eBay Giving Works – a dedicated program for cause marketing on eBay. By supporting eBay Giving Works, ChannelAdvisor Merchant sellers will be able to donate part or all of the final sale price to their favourite non-profit organisation.

Continue reading “First Channel Management Solution to Fully Integrate with Philanthropy Program”

Posted by Dave Bromley at 07:02 AM

June 12, 2006
Free Ways to Promote Your Site

  1. Submit your site into free search engine submission sites. Make sure that you submit your site to google, yahoo, and msn. One site that submits to search engines is

Continue reading “Free Ways to Promote Your Site”

Posted by Dave Bromley at 01:09 PM

May 25, 2006
iSold It – the opportunity for UK franchisees is going, going…(not yet)…gone
iSold It, the leading drop-off chain in the U.S. and one of the world’s fastest growing franchises, has touched down at London Olympia for the British & International Franchise Exhibition.

iSold It’s ‘clicks & mortar’ store concept enables eBay and other internet auction customers to drop off stuff they would like to sell online. iSold It then manages the entire sales process, thereby bridging the needs of those who want to utilise the easy-sell advantages of the likes of eBay but want to avoid the hassle.

Continue reading “iSold It – the opportunity for UK franchisees is going, going…(not yet)…gone”

Posted by Dave Bromley at 11:51 AM

April 18, 2006
CQout introduce new in house payment system.
CQout the UK’s No 2 online auction site has just announced that it is to introduce it’s own “in house” payment system. Until now it has used third party providers. The fully integrated pament system is called “EasyPay “ and it allows the user to buy goods on CQout with the ease of a single click.

Continue reading “CQout introduce new in house payment system.”

Posted by Dave Bromley at 10:28 AM

April 10, 2006
eBay pull the plug on World Cup Ticket Bonanza
Ticket touts and other who were expecting to make a killing selling World Cup Tickets through ebay have had their plans thwarted. eBay have announced changes to their policy regarding the sale of football match tickets on the auction site.

With effect from yesterday 10th April the sale of all listings for tickets to football matches occurring anywhere in the world that are part of a tournament or competition organised by FIFA or UEFA are prohibited.
This prohibition includes the following matches:
• World Cup and European Championships matches (including qualifying rounds and the finals)
• English Premiership, Football League, Football Conference and League of Wales matches
• Champions League, UEFA Cup, Super Cup and Intertoto Cup matches
• International matches played in England or Wales (including friendlies)
• Friendlies involving England or Wales
Posted by Dave Bromley at 08:51 AM

March 10, 2006
New Twist On An Old Scam
Virtually anyone with an email account eventually receives a message running one of the oldest scams in the book.
Often referred to as the “Nigerian Letter,” this scam involves getting a message from someone in a foreign country claiming to need a way to get 21.5 million dollars out of the country (the first country used in this scam was Nigeria, hence the scam’s name).

Continue reading “New Twist On An Old Scam”

Posted by Dave Bromley at 11:36 AM

February 21, 2006
Anger at Paypal
The Sunday Times this week included a long article by Anna Tobin regarding concerns about Paypal and its service and accountability. It deals with the case of Daniel Eddy who lost money when Paypal took back the payment after the buyer complained that he had not received a DVD he had purchased from Eddy.
Although millions of transactions are made by the 86+ million users of Paypal only a few generate problems. However in the next issue of the UK Action Line Newsletter we wil be tellig you about someone else who ran into problems when using the payment service.
For details of the Sunday Times article go to:,,2770-2046695,00.html
Posted by Dave Bromley at 03:49 PM

February 02, 2006
Want a bargain- Forget eBay -see a policeman
On Saturday The Guardian included a very interesting article entitled
“Move over eBay – this is the police” written by Patrick Collinson. In the article he points out how bargains can be had from police and Ministry of Defence auction and sales sites.

”If you want an auction where the bargains really are a steal, you’re in luck. In fact, it’s astonishing what goes under the hammer.”

To read the full article go to:,12555,1696606,00.html

Posted by Dave Bromley at 12:08 PM

January 24, 2006
EBay announce fee restructuring for Store owners
EBay have announced changes to their pricing and commission structure for ebay stores. The good news is that the listing fee is going to be lowered from 5p to 3p per item. However, the final valuation fees for items sold for up to £600 will rise.

Continue reading “EBay announce fee restructuring for Store owners”

Posted by Dave Bromley at 11:46 AM

eBay University 2006
EBay have just announced the dates for their next 3 eBay University events.
This weekend there is an event in Bristol which is a “Beyond Basics “ course. There will also be a similar day held in Manchester on the 18th February. In March both a “Beyond Basics” and a “Top Sellers Course” on 11th March in Central London.

Continue reading “eBay University 2006”

Posted by Dave Bromley at 11:27 AM

December 27, 2005
5p Listing on Thursday 29th December
It looks a though are looking to finish the year on a high. In addition to their “Sell your unwanted Presents on eBay” they have now announced a 5p listing day for Thursday 29th December. Sellers listing in Auction-style, Auction-with-Buy It Now or Buy It Now-Only (Fixed Price) formats in an eligible category, will pay 5p insertion fee regardless of the insertion fee bracket.Conditions apply
Posted by Dave Bromley at 08:56 AM

December 26, 2005
EPS for About Me pages
To make About Me pages even more user-friendly, you can now use eBay Picture Services (EPS) for your About Me page. You can add up to two free images to your About Me page through EPS, which will be hosted on eBay. Uploaded images can be up to 2 megabytes in size.
You can learn more about EPS at
Posted by Dave Bromley at 12:49 PM rethink digital downloads
Ten days ago’s Mara Holian of the product marketing team announced that in response to the growing interest in digitally delivered products eBay was going to introduce some changes in this area.

Continue reading “ rethink digital downloads”

Posted by Dave Bromley at 12:45 PM

November 18, 2005
QXL _ Free listing weekend
QXL have just announced a free basic listing weekend. Listings start on Saturday 19TH November and will close on Monday 21st November. During that time all basic listings will be free so if you have not tried QXL before, this could be an ideal opportunity to give it a try.

You can register with QXL for free at
Posted by Dave Bromley at 10:15 AM

November 09, 2005
eBay Uni at Warwick
Next Saturday 12th November, eBay University will be held at the University of Warwick near Coventry.
The course is called ‘Beyond the Basics’ and is aimed at sellers who have sold a few things on eBay but would like to improve their selling skills. The day looks at marketing yourself on eBay, how to scale and then how to manage your eBay trading efficiently. You will also have the opportunity to meet eBay staff and fellow eBay sellers over lunch.
There are still places available and the cost for the day is £30. For more details visit
Posted by Dave Bromley at 09:15 AM

Postal strike disrupts online auction deliveries
If you have dealings with eBay buyers or sellers in the Irish Republic then you should be aware that the country is currently suffering from another postal dispute. This is leading to severe disruption to both the delivery and collection services.

If you are waiting either for an item or payment by post then they will probably be delayed by this industrial action and eBay urges anyone in this position to be patient.
Posted by Dave Bromley at 09:13 AM

November 07, 2005
Ebay’s new advertising campaign
eBay have announced that they will be launching a new television advertising campaign from the 5th November 2005.
Continue reading “Ebay’s new advertising campaign”

Posted by Dave Bromley at 01:39 PM

November 02, 2005
Jail for eBay “phishers”
David Levi of Lytham, Lancashire was jailed yesterday for 3 years for leading a gang
who used “phishing “ techniques to steal £200,ooo from eBay customers.

Continue reading “Jail for eBay “phishers””

Posted by Dave Bromley at 04:08 PM

November 01, 2005
5p Listing Day on
eBay have announced a 5p listing day for Thursday 3rd November. Any auction items except Autos can be listed for just 5p between 00.01 until 23.59 on this day. Buy it now items and Dutch auctions are excluded but you can list an item in 2 categories for just 10p.

If you have items that you want to clear out then this is a good time to put them online. Personally I am not a great fan of these promotions because I think they attract
a considerable amount of offers that are posted more in hope than expectation. This can easily put browsers off wading through pages and pages of listings to try and
find what they are looking for. Last year I talked to one guy who claimed to have put up over 1300 items on a similar 5 p day and he sold less than 100 items.

But lets face it a listing for up to 10 days for 5p is a bargain but of course all the
other fees still apply. For more details go to
Posted by Dave Bromley at 12:19 PM

October 29, 2005
eBay get bad press in the UK
The last 24 hours have not been a great public relations success for
Yesterday Nicolae Cretanu and his wife Adriana were jailed for fraud after conning £300,000 out of eBay buyers over the last 2 years.

Continue reading “eBay get bad press in the UK”

Posted by Dave Bromley at 11:01 AM

October 28, 2005
The Get Safe Online Campaign have announced that they are sponsoring the Get Safe Online campaign a joint initiative with HM Government, the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit, part of the National Crime Squad and other private sector sponsors from the worlds of technology, retail and finance, including: BT, Dell, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Microsoft, MessageLabs, and
The Get Safe Online campaign will raise public awareness of the issues and provide solutions through a new website: The website is a one-stop-shop for reliable, up-to-date information about online safety, to give home users and small businesses the advice they need to use the Internet safely.
Posted by Dave Bromley at 10:19 AM | TrackBack (0)

October 26, 2005
Google to take on eBay?
Some people said it could not happen but is it possible that a rival to eBay is emerging?
This week Google, confirmed that it is testing a classified listing service called Google Base.
This is a service under which users will be able to list items for sale at no charge.

Not only is this going to be a threat to eBay but could also seriously effect those magazines and newspapers that rely upon classified advertising for a part of their income.

For more information read Elizabeth Judges article that appears in todays Times online at,,172-1843753,00.html
Continue reading “Google to take on eBay?”

Posted by Dave Bromley at 02:13 PM | TrackBack (0)

October 13, 2005
eBay University at Hatfield this Saturday
On Saturday the 15th October there will be an eBay University event for the London area at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield. For the first time eBay University will be a two-streamed event with different courses aimed at sellers with different needs.
The first is called ‘Beyond the Basics’ and is aimed at sellers who have sold a few things on eBay but would like to improve their selling skills. The day looks at marketing yourself on eBay, how to scale and then how to manage your eBay trading efficiently. You will also have the opportunity to meet eBay staff and fellow eBay sellers over lunch.

Continue reading “eBay University at Hatfield this Saturday”

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October 03, 2005
eBay announce changes to fees

As previously announced eBay are making some changes to their fee structure. With effect from 29th September the cost of adding the Buy It Now feature goes from the flat 6p rate to a sliding scale:
£0.01 – £4.99 0.05
£5.00 – £14.99 0.10
£15.00 – £29.99 0.15
More than £30.00 0.25

The maximum insertion fee for Dutch (Multiple) auctions goes up from £2 to £3.

If you sell cars on eBay Motors you can now add up to 12 pictures without any additional cost. Similar fee changes are also being introduced on the same day for All other fees remain unchanged. To see the eBay release go to
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October 01, 2005
Benito Mussolini’s Car for Sale on eBay
It has been announced that Mussolini’s 1939 Lancia Austura car is being auctioned on eBay for charity. It has been suggested that the reserve price is $500,000 and after 11 hours the highest bid is $40,100.

The car is said to be in perfect condition and the auction is running for the next 10 days. There is a lot of interest in Mussolini related articles and there are currently 245 on offer on eBay. To view the Mussolini car auction visit
The money raised from the auction is going to the Sick Kids Foundation.
Posted by Dave Bromley at 09:43 AM | TrackBack (0)

September 29, 2005
eBay and contact lenses
The Times have reported today that eBay could face prosecution over the sale of contact lenses through eBay The General Optical Council(GOC) have accused eBay of 11 counts of aiding and abetting the sales of prescription daily use contact lenses.

Continue reading “eBay and contact lenses”

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September 27, 2005
QXL’s Charity Auction
QXL are hosting “The Art of Care” charity auction. This Auction has been organised in memory of Robin Needham who died on Boxing Day 2004 in the Tsunami. At the time of his death he was Country Director of CARE Nepal and had spent 25 years working for the CARE Organisation.

Continue reading “QXL’s Charity Auction”

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September 26, 2005
Business Identification Feature
eBay intend to launch a new feature called Business Identification that will let buyers know they are buying from a business seller rather than an individual. It will also allow business sellers to easily identify themselves as such on View Item Pages and their Member Profile.

Once the feature launches in October whenever you see “Registered as a Business Seller” you will know that the seller is registered as a business with eBay and has to adhere to certain laws and practices.
If you have already registered your VAT details with eBay you will automatically be added to the list of Business sellers when the scheme comes into operation. This is not a totally unexpected move and it will obviously have implications for many eBay sellers. At UK Auction Line we intend to study the details and will add a new article about this feature in the next day or two in the sellers section of the web site
Posted by Dave Bromley at 02:46 PM | TrackBack (0)

eBay University announce new dates
eBay have just announced details of the forth-coming eBay University days. They have also introduced a new second level course into their syllabus. The first course is called “Beyond the Basics” and is aimed at people who have mastered the basics of eBay selling and want to move on to the next level.

The first course is called “Beyond the Basics” and is aimed at people who have mastered the basics of eBay selling and want to move on to the next level. The second course called “Advanced eBay Skills” offers delegates the opportunity to learn about eBay specific topics and skills in greater depth.

Continue reading “eBay University announce new dates”

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September 14, 2005
eBay and Skype, a done deal
You have to admit that when eBay make up their minds that they want something they do not hang about. On Monday it was announced that eBay had paid $4.1 billion
for the Internet communications company. You have to admit that is a heck of a price for the 200 employee London based business.

Continue reading “eBay and Skype, a done deal”

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September 12, 2005
There is life beyond eBay?
There is life beyond eBay?
By Dave Bromley

If you read the popular press you might be forgiven for thinking that there was only one online auction site on the Internet. Ebay with its massive publicity machine has been grabbing all the headlines. In fairness, as they have 95% of the market is probably understandable but there are some interesting UK challengers emerging from the pack.

Continue reading “There is life beyond eBay?”

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September 08, 2005
A New Service from UK Auctionline
In response to many requests I have added two new links to the UK Auctionline Web Site. You will find them just below the eBay logo on the home page. The first “Wholesale” link will take you to the latest wholesale offers on eBay. If you require quality packaging materials for your eBay sales you will find some of the best deals available on the auction site. Click on “Packaging” for a direct link to the latest offers.

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September 01, 2005
Fee Increases on eBay
eBay have announced some changes to the fee structure for and

Continue reading “Fee Increases on eBay”

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August 26, 2005
eBay Uni comes to Dublin
The first ever eBay University in Ireland will take place in Dublin on Saturday 10 September. There are still places available if you would like to join.
The course will be an overview of selling on covering the essential concepts. Whether you are a first-time seller or more experienced but looking to sharpen your skills, I believe you will learn valuable tips to help make you more successful.
Experienced eBay staff will be on hand to answer your questions and you will get a chance to meet other eBay sellers.
To find out more about the content of the course and to book a place go to the eBay Community area on their web site.
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June 20, 2005
Article from The Independent
The Independent has published an interesting article about eBay.
To read

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June 15, 2005
eBay Back Track on Live 8 tickets
On Monday eBay announced that they would allow tickets for the Live 8 concert next month to be auctioned on eBay. The tickets had been won by people texting a premium rate number and then being entered into a draw. There were over 2 million text entries which raised £3 million for the charity.

Within hours of the winners being notified more than 100 pairs of tickets

Continue reading “eBay Back Track on Live 8 tickets”

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May 17, 2005
New eBay Site for the Irish
Yesterday announced that it intends to open a new web site for people living in Ireland. The new site is undergoing final preparations and is expected to be officially launched in June 2005.
EBay say that thousands of Irish people are already happily trading on other eBay sites. They hope the new site will offer them, as well as new members, an alternative that is specifically targeted to their needs. The company claim it will make it easier for Irish buyers to find items available to them while also helping sellers who want to sell to Irish buyers.
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May 16, 2005
Changes to eBay Compilation and Informational Media Policy
From now all informational products have to be listed in the Everything Else/Information Products category. The Information Products category is further broken down into 3 sections.

How To guides
Information Services
Wholesale lots.
Failure to place your listing in the correct category could lead to it being cancelled and for repeat offenders eventual; suspension.

This eBay claim will bring in line with their other International sites

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May 10, 2005
New “Want It Now” Feature
Last month eBay introduced a new feature designed to help members to buy and sell

Unique, hard to find items. This feature is called “Want it Now”

With Want It Now, buyers can now tell sellers exactly what they are looking for when they are unable to find it on the site. Sellers can then browse through these requests to find buyers for their items, as well as get new ideas for what items are in demand.

This could be a very useful tool for sellers and a good way to discover items that are in demand. It is worth going to the “Want It Now” and browse through the categories that you are interested in. To visit this area and the helpful tutorial that eBay supply go to the EBay home page-Help- At the bottom of the page you will see a section called Speciality Site. Under this is the word more… click on this and then on the link for the “Want it now”.